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Amazona Endangered Parrot breeding facility is situated in a semi-rural area known as Assagay approx 35 km's inland from Durban on the East Coast of Africa. The altitude is almost 700m asl and we experience definite seasons with moderately cold temperatures during the winter that drop to below 10C every night with occasional very cold snaps of as low as zero degrees. Summer is hot but not as humid as on the coast and temperature often reach the high 30's.

We have 3 hectares ( 6 acres) under birds and the aviaries are laid out in beautifully landscaped gardens so as to provide the birds with an abundance of natural scenery as an outlook from the cages.

The large macaws and Black cockatoos are housed in large conventional aviaries while the smaller species and all the toucans and mynah's are housed in suspended aviaries measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x 3.6meters long. Our hot, wet summer climate encourages the growth of fungi and bacteria and we find that the suspended aviaries are a healthy alternative to the conventional type as they allow all the droppings and wasted food to fall out of reach of the birds.

We prefer to keep a number of pairs of each species rather than a vast amount of different types which allows us to offer carefully selected unrelated bloodlines to our clients. The facility is closed to the general public and visits are strictly by appointment only.

Bio security is a top priority and we go to great lengths to protect our facility from potentially harmful pathogens. We very seldom introduce new birds into our collection and when we do they go through an exhaustive quarantine period where they undergo rigid veterinary examinations and are tested for diseases. All birds which we breed are also vet checked before they leave the facility and are health guaranteed. Most the birds we breed are sent to clients overseas and we always welcome enquiries in this regard. We offer confirmation certification where specific disease testing is required by destination countries of by our clients. We foster good relations and endeavour to ensure long lasting business relationships with our clients based primarily on honesty, mutual respect.and ultimately on the delivery of what we have promised.

Amazona Farm is home to the critically endangered South African endemic Cape parrot Poicephalus robustus. The species numbers approx 1000 single individuals in the wild and is found no where else in the world. There is only one legal captive population outside of SA in a zoological garden in France and we house the single largest captive population of Cape Parrots on the planet. The Cape Parrot is our flagship conservation species and we have gradually been able to increase the numbers of this rare species in captivity by selling them to other serious aviculturists in SA. We now intend to start offering the species to select clients overseas in an effort to geographically expand the captive flocks.

World Parrot Trust Cape Parrot Working Group South African Crane Working Group
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